Celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month with KCT this April!

At KCT Credit Union, we believe that financial education is a lifelong journey that begins in childhood. That's why we're excited to invite our valued members and their families to join us in celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month this April. This nationwide event focuses on teaching young people the importance of developing healthy financial habits and empowering them to make smart money choices as they grow.

To commemorate this special month, we've planned special promotions and learning opportunities designed to inspire and educate our young members. Here's a sneak peek at what we have in store:

  1. Open a Youth Savers Account with a Special Bonus

There's no better time than National Credit Union Youth Month to start your child on the path to financial success. Open a new Youth Savers Account for your child and receive a free piggy bank. We'll jump-start their savings with up to two $5 deposit bonuses* when they come back to deposit their full piggy bank! Plus, they'll receive fun, educational money-saving tips and exercises to help them learn the value of saving money.

     2. Make deposits for a chance to win a $100 Certificate of Deposit (CD) with a special rate!

In the spirit of promoting healthy saving habits, we're giving away a total of $500 in prizes, with five lucky kids each winning a $100, 7-month Certificate of Deposit (CD) at a special rate of 3.25% APY! Click here to learn more about the contest and how to enter.

     3. Fun Financial Workshops for Kids & Teens

During the summer months (June-August), we'll be hosting free, age appropriate workshops to help children and teens learn the fundamentals of saving, spending wisely, and financial planning. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for workshop schedules and registration details.

National Credit Union Youth Month is the perfect occasion to start a conversation with your children about money and help them understand the value of saving, spending wisely and planning for their future. We look forward to celebrating this important event with you and your family throughout the month of April!

Join us in inspiring the next generation of financially responsible individuals by participating in our National Credit Union Youth Month Celebrations. See you soon at KCT Credit Union!

*Bring back the filled piggy bank (minimum $10) to deposit into a Youth Savers Account and receive a $5 deposit into the account. Offer redeemable twice ($5 each time). Offer only for ages 13 and under.