Debt Checkup

Just like your physical health, it is important to make sure your financial health is in good standing. A great way to make sure your debt isn’t adding excessive stress to your financial well-being is to visit KCT and have a Debt Checkup. By evaluating your different loans and credit reports, we will help you find out if your debt is causing a bigger burden than it should. After the Debt Checkup, one of our Member Service Representatives (MSRs) will give you feedback and provide options on how you can improve your current debt situation.

When you come in for your Debt Checkup please bring in the following pieces of information:

  • Government issued ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Most recent loan statements, including credit cards

Debt Checkup Testimonial 
‚Äč"I would like to thank Joe Menolascino and Roberto Morales for helping me save money. They helped me consolidate my debt. They spent time explaining to me how to help me manage my finances and look at my future. Their generosity and kindness through this whole process never made me feel bad for getting into debt. Instead, they were on my side as a "team" and wanted to walk me through it. I am grateful for their support in a difficult time in my life. Thank you Joe and Roberto for going above and beyond. This is why I bank at KCT and not a local bank. They care more about their customers as people. We are not just another number in their book. Great job, KCT!" - Rebecca (Member since 2015)

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