I want everyone to know that Misty and the KCT Credit Union have changed my life. I am recently divorced after 20 years of marriage and am starting life over in my 40s. I applied for a loan in hopes to consolidate some debt from my past life so I can move on and give my kids a better life. After being turned down from so many places, I didn't have a ton of faith in the process. Misty was the first person to listen to me. To relate to me. To take the time to understand me as a person. To look beyond the credit score numbers and to ask questions. The first person who made me feel like I wasn't alone in all of this. She advocated for me, kept me updated with the process, educated me, and was nearly in tears with me when she shared that I was approved. Because of the care the KCT team has, my life, and the life of my boys, is forever changed. My debt from my old life is gone. I can truly have a fresh start, and I am forever grateful for that. Misty--YOU ARE AMAZING.

— Amy

I wanted to send this note to KCT upper management to let you know what a great team you have working at the Aurora Branch. I am on my way to making some crucial decisions about my life and after speaking to employees like Regina I was able to implement things that I would not have been able to do by myself. I want you to understand and acknowledge this whole branch because of friendly people like them keeps customers coming back.

— Avis M

On March 8th, I came into the credit union to apply for a loan to replace my heating system. After Angie Diaz obtained my credit report and saw the high interest I was paying on my credit card, she sprung into action. 

Angie asked me questions and explained many options offered by KCT. 

Thanks to Angie being concerned about my total well-being financially. Because of Angie's concern I am on track to become financially stable. She went beyond my request. I had no idea this was possible.

— Fannie

We have had several auto loans in the past from KCT and would recommend the process. The convenience of making transfers from different accounts at KCT is so convenient too.

— John L

My husband and I recently bought our first home together through KCT Credit Union. We did not know they have a home mortgage loan available. We met Jessica Robledo from a first time home owner buyer class. Throughout the entire process beginning to end, she helped us make decisions that were right for us. We could not have done this without her support and guidance. We are so pleased to work with KCT!

— Keianne S.

I would like to thank KCT Credit Union publicly for the financial help and guidance they have given me over last 15 years. A special thank you to Benjamin Bernal and Roberto Morales who saved my family's Christmas by thoroughly explaining the life and disability insurance which unfortunately I ended up having to use.

— Lawrence E

I have had my accounts at KCTCU for almost 30 years and have always had the very best of service. Not long ago, Roberto Morales at KCTCU, alerted me that they were offering a new loan incentive called the Get Out Of Debt Loan (G.O.O.D. Loan). I was delighted to learn of this offer because it enabled me to pay off my debt and have one easy monthly payment! Thank you, Roberto, for doing such an amazing job representing KCTCU! I am thankful for all the assistance I have received over the years and happy to be a KCTCU member. Cheers!

— Mary Ann S

Cynthia Hernandez helped me secure my car loan over the phone and then we closed the loan electronically, which was super easy and fast. She’s very professional, timely and knowledgeable! When the dealer tried to push their own financing and then said I could re-fi with KCTCU, Cynthia quickly said you will pay for re-titled then paying for this twice. Plus KCTCU’s rate was cheaper than the dealership. So don’t hesitate to call Cynthia for whatever loan you need.

— Mary Pat H

KCT was able to approve my husband and I for a home improvement loan so that we could have a deck built. The process was smooth, the communication was consistent. We were really pleased with the level of professionalism. Rebecca helped us and eased our anxiety of getting the documents done and handling the process quickly.

— Melanie P

I came to KCTCU for a small business loan. When I went to a major bank in Aurora, where I banked for 12 years, they denied me. However, when I went to KCTCU, after a 6 month relationship, they gave me a line of credit that purchased 5 boats that I needed for my electric boat rental business. If it was not for KCTCU I would not be in business today! Thank you KCTCU for taking a chance on me; because of you, I will be starting a second business in the summer of 2017!

— Michael P., Cruisin’ Waves Electric Boat Rental

I would like to thank Joe Menolascino and Roberto Morales for helping me save money. They helped me consolidate my debt. They spent time explaining to me how to help me manage my finances and look at my future. Their generosity and kindness through this whole process never made me feel bad for getting into debt. Instead, they were on my side as a "team" and wanted to walk me through it. I am grateful for their support in a difficult time in my life. Thank you Joe and Roberto for going above and beyond. This is why I bank at KCT and not a local bank. They care more about their customers as people. We are not just another number in their book. Great job, KCT!

— Rebecca

I have used the Christmas Club account for many years. I just love it as I can save any extra funds I have. Then, I receive the money I have saved throughout the year for my Christmas shopping and I don't need to use any credit cards to buy my presents. KCTCU is the best as the transfer comes in November too. I used to have another Christmas Club that held the money until December. I have told many to do this! Very grateful for Christmas Club!

— Sherry C

I am grateful for the financial relationship KCT has afforded me.  A divorced mom, helping 21 yr old daughter thru college, trying to rebuild my credit - you're helping me regain my financial stability. I sincerely appreciate this - thank you Bd of Directors,  or other management who makes these decisions

— Trish P

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