New feature coming May 3rd to KCT Online Banking!

TDE (Transaction Data Enrichment) will be launching on May 3rd. What does this mean? TDE will allow for auto-categorization and description cleansing which turns ambiguous transaction information into clear, concise descriptions. 

What if the transaction description is incorrect?
In some cases, you may see that the transaction description is incorrect. If this is the case, click on the transaction and you’ll see a summary drop down window appear. In the upper right corner of this window, click “help”. Then choose the first option that says “The transaction’s simple description is incorrect”, and click the select button. This can only be done on KCT Online Banking, not KCT Mobile.

Here is a quick video tutorial on transaction descriptions:

How do I see a breakdown of my expenses by category? 
This new feature also works in conjunction with our new Financial Wellness widget. Click “More” and choose the “Financial Wellness” widget in KCT Online or Mobile. You’ll see a breakdown of spending by category, recurring expenses and transactions with customizable timeframes.

What if I want to change the category for a particular transaction?
You can change the category by clicking on the category itself which will bring up a new window with a list of other categories and sub-categories to choose from. KCT Online Banking will remember that new category the next time that transaction happens. This can only be done on KCT Online Banking, not KCT Mobile. Custom categories cannot be added.