ATM Skimming Alert

There has been an increase in ATM skimming fraud in the Chicagoland area. Skimming devices can be installed on ATMs by fraudsters to collect your card information/PIN.  This information is used to create fraudulent cards to withdraw money from your accounts. If you use an ATM, here are some tips to help keep your card and account information safe from skimmers:

  • Take a look at the ATM machine before inserting your card. Some signs of a skimming device include:
    • Card reader looks misaligned
    • Card does not insert into the machine smoothly
  • Avoid ATM machines located in back of businesses that are out of sight of security cameras/employees, such as convenient stores and gas stations. Over 60% of ATM skimming fraud comes from these ATM locations.
  • When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your hand. Skimmers use pinhole cameras to capture your PIN.
  • Use KCT Online and KCT Mobile to monitor your accounts and keep track of your transactions.